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Vaser Technique

Vaser High Definition Technique that offers hope for those who are interested in Pubic Liposuction Technology  without pain or any side effects.

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By Bonnie Estridge I spent £10,000 on my dream figure

LIZ FULLER, 33, is a television presenter for Five. She is single and lives in Chelsea, west London

It has always been my dream to work in Los Angeles but when I went there to see an acting agent I could tell she thought I needed to lose weight. The pressure to look slim on television in this country is bad but in the US it is immense so I knew I had to do something, even though as a size 10 to 12 I was hardly overweight.

I started modelling when I was 16 and in 1997 I was crowned Miss Great Britain and worked all over the world.

However, as you get older it is harder to look as good. Your metabolism slows down in your late 20s so unless you go to the gym all the time your body loses tone. Also, I love my food and hate having to watch what I eat.

I knew that to be confident at auditions in the US I had to be considerably slimmer.

I’d been travelling to LA every month to see agents and producers and on one of my trips in February this year I was signed to be in a sci-fi film called The Road To Xibalba.

I knew I had to look just right for when filming starts early next year and I also knew that if I looked good in this film more producers would be interested in me. I wasn’t prepared to yo-yo diet so surgery was the better option.

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