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Breast reduction in Italy

Breast reduction consists of a plastic and aesthetic surgery for breast reduction. This technique, usually used on very abundant and sagging breasts or with breast asymmetry, allows to reduce the volume of the breast and to give a more homogeneous effect. Furthermore, through breast reduction it is possible to eliminate disorders such as back pain, headaches, neck pain and other problems due to excessive breast volume.


Who is the ideal candidate for breast reduction?

Breast reduction is generally recommended for women who, due to excessive breast volume, suffer from disorders such as:

  • Back pain, with particular concentration in the lumbar and cervical area

  • Respiratory problems

  • Psychological and social problems to which the woman may be subjected in daily and / or sexual life.

  • Pain in the breast region

  • Injuries in the inframammary fold


Any complications in breast reduction

This type of surgery, just like breast augmentation, generally does not report complications but, as with all invasive surgeries, there may be risks such as:

  • possible bleeding

  • infections

  • side effects due to anesthesia

  • formation of blood clots

  • hematomas

  • noticeable scars

  • loss of nipple sensation

  • difficulty in breastfeeding

Before/after breast reduction

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