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Mini-abdominoplasty in Italy

In the case of more limited operations, it is possible to replace the abdominoplasty with the mini-abdominoplasty. Through infiltration, the fat is eliminated and following an incision the abdominal muscles are strengthened before removing and repositioning the excess skin.


This procedure is a less invasive variant and is frequently used to correct sagging of the tissues of the lower abdomen, for example for post-caesarean scars.


Anesthesia for mini abdominoplasty

In this case, the operation takes place under tumescent local anesthesia which reduces bleeding and post-operative pain. Only in some cases is it even resorted to minimal sedation.


The post-operative course for mini abdominoplasty

The sutures will be applied only internally and consequently it will be sufficient to wear an abdominal containment sheath for about 30 days.

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