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Thigh lift in Italy

This type of surgery focuses mainly on the inner thigh and can be combined with other interventions such as buttocks lift and hips lift or lateral lifting of the thigh, called “circumferential lifting”, therefore extended to the entire circumference of the pelvis.


This surgical procedure is indicated for sagging inner thighs, due to weight and mass loss or aging. Lifting the thigh requires incisions which, starting from the groin region, reach the inner part, up to the root of the thigh. Through these incisions, the skin of the thigh, and possibly also that of the buttocks, is pulled upwards and firmly anchored with deep sutures.


Anesthesia for lifting the thighs

The surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia with one night hospitalization for the inner thigh lifting and two nights for the “circumferential lifting” of the thighs.


The post-operative course in the lifting of the thighs

Following the surgery, a belt must be worn for a period ranging from 4 to 6 weeks.


The scars are thin and not very visible and can be easily hidden with normal underwear. The circumferential lifting of the thighs, on the other hand, involves extensive scars along the entire pelvis, the waistline and the two hips.

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