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Vaginal tightening in Italy

Vaginal tightening is a surgical procedure that aims to correct a condition known as “vaginal laxity”. The lower part of the vagina is surrounded by a muscle ring, which forms part of the pelvic floor muscle. Many women are encouraged to do pelvic floor exercises after giving birth to encourage the muscle to return to its normal tone. However, some or all of the muscle fibers may be torn and normal constricting function may be lost. Therefore, the shrinkage is meant to solve this situation.


Who is the ideal candidate for vaginal tightening?

All those women who, following childbirth or natural advancing age, have a relaxation of the vaginal structure, both internally and externally but, above all, who do not feel pleasure during sexual intercourse, as the vaginal canal is too little sensitive to the act, given its excessive “relaxation”. These problems can be remedied by rejuvenating the entire female intimate apparatus.


The postoperative course in vaginal tightening

You will feel swelling and sometimes bruising of the area for the first 7 days, but this is a normal routine consequence. In case of pain, it will still be mild. An accentuation of pain can last for a couple of days in case of coughing, lifting weights or due to any activity that results in a contraction of the affected muscles.


Regarding daily activities, you can resume them right away.


Any complications in vaginal tightening

Swelling in the vagina can affect the urethra and possibly cause obstruction of the urinary outflow tube, thus causing urinary retention.


It is possible to have sexual intercourse only if the soreness or the discharge have passed. Usually, it takes about three or four weeks after the surgery to return to sexual activity.


Infections are not common, but if they occur and there is a discharge that persists for more than a few days, you can contact the surgeon immediately.


There may be some bleeding from the incision line for a day or two. The swab is removed the day after surgery only if the bleeding has stopped.

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