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What Can I Expect After Vaser Liposculpture?

One of the things you need to take into consideration when considering liposuction is what you can expect after the liposuction. Recovery time and after effects of surgery are very important when making a decision about electing to have any cosmetic procedure done.


Depending on the type of liposuction you choose, recovery time can range from a few weeks, to hardly any recovery time at all. With traditional methods of liposuction, having a lipo procedure done would involve a significant amount of recovery time – often several weeks of pain and recuperation in some cases – even when the procedure had been relatively straight-forward.

Traditional liposuction also carried other risks – for example, a higher risk of uneven sculpting of the body, often resulting in a less than smooth result. Additionally, skin failing to shrink back to its original tautness was a common problem.

However, cosmetic surgeons now have a new, state of the art liposuction tool called VaserLiposelection. Based on older techniques which involve the use of ultrasound to break down the fat before its removal, VaserLiposelection instead uses an ultrasound-tipped probe finely break down the fat into an easily removed substance. After that, the fat is aspirated out of the body.

The wonderful thing about VaserLiposelection is that you can choose to have the Vaserlipo procedure done under local anesthetic – so no worries about reactions to general anesthesia or any of the associated complications that can occur. The local anesthesia is infused under the skin in a saline/lidocaine solution to numb up the area for treatment only. The patient has usually been given a sedative, so they are awake but fully comfortable during the procedure.

VaserLiposelection gets its name from the fact that the ultrasound energy emitted from the machine selectively only targets fat – other important tissues like blood vessels and structures are left relatively untouched. Because of the selective breakdown of fat only, blood loss is kept to a minimum. Additionally, the ultrasound technique helps the skin shrink to fit the new, slimmer body contour, unlike older lipo procedures in which post-op loose skin is much more common.

No matter what type of liposuction you apt for, you can expect to wear a compression garment for some weeks afterwards. This is to encourage healing and ensure a smoother contour.

What you can expect after Vaserliposelection is a faster recovery time, with less bruising and minimal scarring.