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Which one is the best – Laser Liposuction or VASER Liposuction?

VASER liposuction and Laser liposuction are the alternative options of traditional liposuction. The major difference between Laser and VASER liposuction is that VASER liposuction makes use of ultrasound waves to break up the fat and Laser liposuction uses laser to break up the fat. Both of them can be used in various parts of the body, especially the regions where the amount of fat is densely accumulated. Unlike traditional liposuction which usually takes weeks to recover, VASER and Laser liposuction procedure ensures that the recovery process is fast and less traumatic.

VASER liposuction was first attempted in 1990s by Michele Zocch, an Italian surgeon. “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance” or VASER lipo requires local anaesthetic. It is also known as ultrasound assisted liposuction because it uses ultrasound. The process involves the insertion of a tube like object into designated areas of the body, through which ultrasonic energy is emitted. The ultrasonic energy helps in breaking up of fat and the fat is then removed by means of traditional suction tubes.

The procedure of Laser liposuction is similar to the process of VASER liposuction. The only difference is that it uses laser, which is emitted through a specialized suction tube to break up the fat.

Benefits of VASER liposuction and Laser liposuction

Both the liposuction methods are effective for those areas which usually cannot be availed by the traditional liposuction method, such as facial liposuction. The use of the special tubes enables them to remove the fat from these small areas easily. Another benefit is that both of them involve reduced recovery time. Laser lipo claims of achieving skin tightening of the patients through the process but it is not backed by any kind of scientific proof.

There are also many claims associated with these methods. While Laser lipo claims of removing large amounts of fat, VASER lipo claims of destroying the fat cells without affecting any other tissue.


The difference in cost between VASER liposuction and Laser liposuction

The cost of the liposuction methods are a chief factor for most of the customers. Presently, Laser lipo is considered to be a bit more expensive than VASER lipo because of the fact that Laser lipo is a relatively new technology and the machines used in the procedure are more expensive. The cost of Laser lipo and VASER lipo are also dependant on factors such as the area that needs to be operated, experience of the doctor, geographical location as in which part of the country the operation is being held and many more.

The most important consideration while choosing between the two techniques is that which technique will suit you best. The experience of the doctor is another important consideration as he will be able to determine whether at all you require any kind of liposuction. Also, you can choose between VASER and Laser liposuction provided you get hold of a good doctor. There is a little difference between the price of Laser and VASER liposuction.