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One Stitch Face Lift

The One Stitch Face Lift is the latest facial rejuvenating procedure. This procedure’s primary objective is to give patients a more youthful and refreshed look without taking the plunge to a full face lift.

Taking the next step in Anti-aging

The One Stitch Face Lift is much less intrusive than a face lift and involves just a local anaesthetic. The results are subtle but are often just enough to give patients a fresher and firmer appearance. It is just a day case procedure and does not  require a general anaesthetic. The procedure itself involves just a local anaesthetic and only takes approximately 30 minutes, therefore recovery time is also usually very quick.

  • Scars are usually hidden by hair line and do not stretch – only a tiny incision is made
  • Immediate effects with minimal disruption
  • Patients can return to work the very next day
  • Sutures are dissolvable therefore no need to return for post-op appointments
  • No maximum age applicable
  • Suitable for patients suffering with diabetes and most heart conditions
  • No risk of losing hair

After the procedure we advise that the hair is washed everyday with a mild shampoo for 10 days post-op. Or if preferred you can wash around the scar with boiled cool water. There is no need to return to the hospital for review appointments unless you have a query. The sutures we use are dissolvable, and they usually dissolve within 2-3 weeks.

Q: Who is the most suitable candidate for a one stitch face lift?

The best one stitch face lift patient is someone aged 40 or over, has good skin quality with no sun damage and is a non-smoker. Patients who are looking to achieve subtle results will really benefit from this procedure.

Q: How long do the results last?

This is dependent on the patient and their lifestyle. It usually lasts for 12-18 months. But factors such as smoking and sun exposure can reduce this.

Q: What risks are associated to the one stitch face lift?

With any procedure there are risks but there is just a slight risk of bleeding, bruising and infection. However the latter is heavily reduced due to the surgeon using sutures which have antiseptic incorporated into them. Patients are also given a week’s supply of antibiotics to take post-operative just in case.

Q: Can I have this procedure if I’ve already had a face lift?

Yes you can. Another name for this procedure is a Facelift retighten, which enables patients who’s facelifts have started to sag due to the aging process to get an extra lift. You can also still have treatments such as  BOTOX® anti-wrinkle treatment or Juvéderm ULTRA® dermal fillers

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