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Vertical Breast Lift And Augmentation

Vertical breast lift and augmentation is for women with inadequate breast size and mild to moderate breast ptosis.

With this technique, a central, vertical key-hole incision is made. Once the skin is removed, a breast implant is placed through the lower part of the cut-out.

Often, the deep layer of the breast tissue is sutured together to shape the breast. Finally, the areola is slid into a higher position and the skin is closed around the areola and down the center of the breast. The final scar is like a lollipop, with a scar around the areola and straight down the center of the breast to the breast fold.

On occasion, a small transverse scar is placed in the lower breast fold to help smooth out the closure.

Vertical Breast Lift And Augmentation Recovery

This technique typically does not cause puckering of the skin around the areola (as does the areolar breast lift), but it does leave the breast implants very high and perky and the bases of the breasts are very tight and flat. Within a few weeks after surgery, the implants drop and the breasts soften and begin to assume a nice appearance.

Short Scar Breast Lift

One of the most pressing concerns that individuals about to undergo breast lift surgery (or mastopexy in medical terms) have relates to the issue of scarring. Although you may hear promises of no scar breast lift surgical methods from various plastic surgeons, you should understand that there is no way to avoid scarring in any surgical procedure that incorporates incisions within its method. This is true of obtaining a pacemaker and it also applies to breast lift plastic surgery.

However, a common refrain that many plastic surgeons will repeat is that they offer short scar breast lift surgery. Although this claim may seem fraudulent, it is true that there exists a surgical method that is known as short scar breast lift. Also known as vertical mastopexy, this short scar breast lift surgery is one of three major breast lift surgical techniques. Even though it may seem to many individuals that want to undergo breast lift surgery that a short scar breast lift surgical technique will be optimal, the issue of short scar breast lifts is more complicated than you would think. BreastUplift_BA8

Short scar breast lift surgery should only be used by plastic surgeons if the patient meets the recommended criteria. For example, vertical mastopexy is usually popular among patients that are undergoing a breast lift that have a moderate case of ptosis. Ptosis is the condition of sagging breasts and a moderate case of ptosis is evident when an individual’s nipples have dropped below the level of the breast crease. If an individual is interested in obtaining short scar breast lift surgery despite having an advanced case of ptosis (evident when a person’s nipples are pointing toward the floor), it is the plastic surgeon’s duty to thoroughly show the patient that short scar breast lift surgery will not suitably solve the condition of advanced ptosis.

Short scar breast lift surgery is a simple surgical method that is often used to rectify problems associated with concentric mastopexy, one of the three main breast lift surgical techniques. Under concentric mastopexy, a common problem is that the skin that has been stitched to the areola in this treatment begins to wrinkle. As a result, short scar breast lift surgery is then used to remove the excessive skin that is present around the areola.

During a short scar breast lift treatment, the plastic surgeon makes a vertical incision that descends from the areola down to the bottom fold of the breast where it meets the chest. Like any other breast lift technique, the plastic surgeon is producing the lift of their patient’s breasts by removing excess skin. Once this is completed, a strip of skin along the vertical incision is removed. The plastic surgeon removes a sufficient amount of skin that they feel will produce the best cosmetic results and then the two sides are stitched together. As a result, short scar breast lift surgery leaves a single vertical scar, which is far more desired by patients than the scars left in anchor-shaped mastopexy, the most common breast lifting surgical technique of the main three.